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Mar 27, 2022 · Part number is 86774933I picked mine up from here: https://www.gmpartsstore.com/oem-parts/gm-f-s-valve-86774933.

It goes up to 203-206 in the morning before the T stat opens. Towing 9000lb 5'er it runs around 199-201 all day in 75-90 deg temps at 55-65mph. Climbing passes it will hit 208 and maybe 210 if I push it to 22-2300 rpms in 5th. Tranny temps are around 160-180 towing depending on outside air temp. Non tow around 149-155.As its name implies, the AppData/Local/Temp folder contains temporary files. Those files contain temporary information while a process is creating other files. Normally, Windows de...

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May 10, 2022 · 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Asked by Visitor in Meriden, CT on May 10, 2022. On my 45 minute commute from work with the outside temperature at 70f my silverado 1500 51k Miles with 6l80 is hitting 225f transmission temperature. This was all highway driving no traffic not hauling. What could my issue be?Buy STL010 Transmission Cooling System Upgrade Kit Fit for GM Transmission 2014-up 6L80 6L90 2016-up 8L90 8L80 8L90E, ... Average operating temperature is reduced by up to 20%, reducing the risk of overloading the load, increasing ATF life, and you can use it with confidence.36.1. Get the transmission fluid temperature to the proper temperature. 36.2. Install the level set plug. Tighten Tighten the plug to 9Y (80 lb in). The TCC shudder condition should be directional improved immediately after the fluid exchange procedure. It may take up to 320 km (200 mi) for the TCC shudder condition to be eliminated. It is not a

Sep 6, 2020 · This is the ATSG 6L80 Shop manual. ... POSITION, FLUID TEMP AND VEHICLE SPEED. ... to maintain shift quality and torque converter clutch apply quality over the entire operating temperature range ...Jan 3, 2019 · 6l80e slamming into gear when temp reaches 180. ... Its fairly common for transmission issues to come up once the trans is hot. I know that 180 is within operating temps but it's seems high for normal driving conditions this time of year even if you don't live in a very cold area.Oct 16, 2017 · Makes your gen 5 GM Truck/SUV Transmission run cooler by 30*F to 40*FExceptional torque rating. Developed with upgraded internal components, Chevrolet Performance’s SuperMatic 6L80-E 6-speed automatic transmission offers an exceptional torque rating of 650 lb.-ft. – a 45 percent increase over regular production versions of the 6-speed automatic. Find Dealer.

555. 32K views 1 year ago #Suburban #Tahoe #tsb. It's no secret if you own a 2014- 2018 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra that they have transmission issues. One reason for this is that …The General Motors 6L80-E transmissions are among the most diverse and capable transmissions of their time; being used in everything from exciting muscle cars to family SUV's. In this Drivetrain 101, we'll analyze all of its most prolific problems, solutions and upgrades. Become a 6L80-E transmission expert now!The radiator thermostat does not control the temp of the trans. The trans has its own internal thermostat. You are not going to see temps around 150. 2011 XLT Screw 6.5' Box, Tux Black, 4" BDS lift, 34" BFG KO2 tires, 18x8.5" +18 XD spy Wheels, PTM oem Flares. Rampage Slimline nerf bars. 5* Tuned 87 P/T. ….

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Mar 9, 2023 · ATRA - Intro to the 6L80 ATRA - Changes Over the Years ATRA - TEHCM Diag, T&E Installation procedures & fluid level check GEARS Mag: Diagnosing CAN communication issues (no scan tool) 6L80/90 TSB - UU0073 Communication Breakdown Between Modules (including the TEHCM) Parts List for OverhaulOct 5, 2011 · When Park or Neutral is selected after the transmission was operating in Drive, or Reverse, exhausting 3-5/Reverse Feed fluid unseats the checkball. This allows …The factory 6l80 transmission thermostat is designed to keep fluid in the transmission until it opens up at about 190F degrees. While the 6l80 is a fairly stout transmission and can handle some abuse, keeping the transmission temp at or above 190F is (in our opinion) is less than optimal.

#automotive #mechanic #automobile Transgo 6L80 6L90 Cooler Delete https://amzn.to/3qgeMZSor Check out our amazon store for items or products used in our...6L80e Trans temp . Are there any tables that I should be specifically looking for that will help with keeping the transmission temperature down? The combo is a a 2014 Head,cam,2.9 Whipple 5.3, reg cab Silverado with a 3000 stall converter. Right now I have the converter set to lock up in 4th and up.May 25, 2023 · Exhibit A: GM 6L80/90. The first overheating case comes from GM 6L80 and 6L90 transmissions equipped with a thermal bypass valve in the cooler lines.. The purpose of the thermal valve is to get the transmission fluid up to temperature when it is cold. I think if the valve were to fail in the open position no one would ever know the difference, but …

mi hacienda salyersville 6L80 oil temperature, gauge and overheating V8 and V6 Transmissions / Driveline (6L80 / 6L50 / TR6060 / AY6) bloons td 6 map secretsfuji japanese steakhouse dalton ga Feb 28, 2022 · cold to operating temperature drive cycles. The truck should be returned to the customer for the mileage accumulation. 5336317 Example of GDS Screen Print. Important: Obtain a single page screen print from GDS that shows the TCC shudder event. This screen print must be attached to the Repair Order hard copy for reference. A screen … skyward login merrill May 31, 2021 · This is the second part of a three part series covering the 6L80/90 torque converters and their issues and failures. In this video, I go through the interna...6L80/90 technical information. Pressure test port: passenger’s side behind bell housing. Pressure test specifications, have transmission full of fluid and warmed to operating temperatures, Use scan tool to command EPC solenoid for test. Without scan tool you will have approximately 45-80 psi at idle and upwards of 300 in gear at 2504 bryarton woods drlowe's home improvement presque isle productshow to unlock a razor scooter Jan 14, 2022 · video explains how a transmission thermostat delete works** Codemansauto DIY Tools ** 1. transgo cooler bypass https://amzn.to/3TKEU9q or2. ...Operating Temps. Before I waste anyone's time at the dealership, just thought I'd see if any of the 'insiders' here could answer this for me. It was very cold this morning (10 deg) but over my 6 mile drive to work that lasted about 15 minutes, my coolant temp only made it up to 180 deg. It was actually sticking around 160 until I drove most of ... downdetector lumen May 8, 2021 · Reaction Points. 566. Location. Fresno California. maxspongebob said: Ford seems to think that 219 degrees is a mid range for transmission temperature. I thought anything over 200 was getting into the HOT range. Yes, I tweaked the gauge to show the numeric temp using Forscan.Nov 3, 2021 · If that temp is in fact accurate, somethings definitely not normal. Even flogging the piss out of mine for 15-20 min on an 85°F day, the highest I've seen is 213°, and came down below 205° immediately after. Normal cruise at that ambient temperature will hover at 194-200° casenet taney countysakura express pascagoula menuscottsburg bmv 398 posts · Joined 2020. #1 · Jul 24, 2020. Hope everyone on YB is doing well. I am looking at purchasing a new Chevy 2500HD with a 6.6L Gas V8 and 6L80e transmission. I have read about many owners dis-abling the transmission thermostat bypass in order to reduce transmission temps and provide full time fluid flow to the factory external trans ...4 days ago · The 6L 80 (and similar 6L 90) is a six-speed automatic transmission built by General Motors at its Willow Run Transmission plant in Ypsilanti, MI. It was introduced in late 2005, and is very similar in design to the smaller 6L 45 and 6L 50, produced at GM Powertrain in Strasbourg, France .